ADHD in Children Diagnosis

If your child is restless and hyperactive, this may not mean that your child has ADHD. There are many other contributing factors to hyperactivity and being inattentive. Does your nine year old have a cell phone that is linked to Twitter and Facebook? Or does she have a game boy strapped to their hands? These modern ways of entertainment could be affecting a child’s behaviors. Hallowell has written several books on ADHD says that “It can be hard to tell ADHD from what I call a ‘severe case of modern life.’ ” This could not be any more true. Busy parents are turning to these electronic types of entertainment because they do not have time to play with their children. I recently had a conversation with my mother in law about the pre-school children she teaches. She said that some of these four year olds have never colored before! They do not know how to hold a crayon or a pencil. Her opinion is that the children are watching fast paced video games and television shows and are unable to sit still and focus on every day human interaction, like talking to others or reading. This could mean a serious problem for our children’s generation.

Caffine overload is a contributing factor to ADHD like behavior. Too much pop, candy, or sugar can make your kids seem ‘too jittery.’ Parents need education on how to properly nourish their children. Pop and candy should not be in a child’s diet. It isn’t even healthy for adults.

Your child may be a perfectionist. It is hard for a child to write an assignment if they are too worried about the pencils on their desk being in perfect order or if their paper has any foreign marks on it.

I know it’s hard to believe but some children are just too immature to handle their surroundings at school. If the word ‘bottom’ still makes them giggle in the fifth grade, chances are that they are just silly and not mature enough to focus on certain things.

Medical problems could also be an issue. Thyroid gland over activity can make a child more restless and irritable. An under active thyroid can cause lethargic behaviors. High or low blood sugar levels leading to diabetes can also make a child seem hyper active or lethargic. A child with poor hearing could show ADHD symptoms as well as a child with dyslexia. Autism is a big learning and teaching barrier. Children with autism are so focused on what is going on inside of their brains that they cannot focus on the outside world. Drug abuse, allergy medications, and epilepsy all make a child sluggish and tired making them unable to pay attention.
Your child may also be showing symptoms of ADHD because of anxiety. Maybe your child is being bullied at school or is dealing with friend issues that he or she does not know how to cope with. Depression could also be a contributing factor to inattentiveness. Is there a lot of tension between you and your spouse? Children pick up on this and will act out accordingly.

Take all of these into consideration before diagnosing your child with ADHD. Parents really must communicate with their children to find the source of their behavior problem.


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Brittany is currently a student at Wichita State University in the Health Administration Program. This is her last year before she ventures out into the eventful healthcare world. This blog will primarily show the latest healthcare topics of our beautiful and ever-changing nation.
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