Vaccines and Our Health

This is an article that really caught my attention about vaccines and autism. We have an 11 month old daughter who has received the required vaccinations this year. My fiancé and I have researched many controversial outlooks on this topic. Autism is such a new and unperfected study so parents can only guess as to why their child has been diagnosed with it. According to most complications occur in children who receive the MMR vaccine because they likely have immune system deficiencies. Like any other medication, vaccines have adverse side effects. Many studies show that there as absolutely no link between a child with autism and their vaccinations. (Harris, New York Times Magazine.) For many years past, many people believe that the specific product called thimerosal in the MMR vaccine, which contains mercury, is the reason why children are becoming autistic. In the year 2001, the MMR vaccine was given without the thimerosal preservative. The number of autistic children who receive vaccinations has not changed since this preservative has been removed. Our country provides these vaccinations to prevent disease and deadly epidemic situations. I am glad we made the decision to get our daughter vaccinated because the risk of her getting a deadly disease is greater than her having an adverse reaction.

In a Canadian Study observed by Sigal Bell M.D. :

“children in the same community belong to a shared pool of infection risk.  While very protective, vaccines are not 100% effective. Some children may not mount a full immune response after vaccination. Some children can’t get vaccinated because they are not old enough or because they have underlying health conditions that preclude safe vaccination. If enough kids lack protective immunity and the illness enters the community, it’s not just the unvaccinated child that gets sick. In fact it is often the vulnerable children who couldn’t get vaccinated that are at greatest peril.

Now researchers tell us that so-called “herd immunity” travels even farther. A unique study published in JAMA a few weeks ago compared 22 small communities in Canada where kids were influenza vaccinated to 24 similar communities where they were not, examining rates of influenza in the whole community. Here’s what they found: Total community influenza rates were more than double in the unvaccinated group. Immunization of children conferred a large (61%) protective effect for the entire community, providing clear-cut evidence that the benefit of vaccines extends beyond the recipient. Considering that approximately 30,000 people die each year in the US from influenza, this is not trivial.”

Evidently, many vaccines have greatly improved our way of life in America. Smallpox is to be a dangerous disease that had been infecting people since around the time of Christ. It is spread by touch or air molecules inhaled into the body. When research found that people who previously had smallpox were immune to future infection, the vaccine was created using molecules from smallpox itself. Many vaccinations today are made using molecules from the disease they are trying to eliminate. Now, smallpox is only found in two laboratories, one in the United States at the CDC and one in Russia. There has been much debate as to wether the samples should be permanently destroyed. The smallpox samples were scheduled to be destroyed in 1999 but have been saved for further medical studies on disease and their vaccinations. Because of vaccination, smallpox does not exist in our world anymore and people no longer lose their lives from it. This is a perfect example of why we should get vaccinated.


About Brittany Hartwell

Brittany is currently a student at Wichita State University in the Health Administration Program. This is her last year before she ventures out into the eventful healthcare world. This blog will primarily show the latest healthcare topics of our beautiful and ever-changing nation.
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